Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Loves in April

1. Heath hit his first home run ever. I wasn't at the game. No mother of the year award for

2. Administrative Assistant's Day. Lunch at Olive Garden and some rockin' mixing bowls from
Williams Sonoma, AND a decadent brownie mix. Love. Love. Love.

3. Having my nephews over for a few hours. What's two more boys?

4. Creating. My nephews wedding shower invite.

5. Projects. Don't worry, I saved the picture of Jesus and will do something else with it. But for frame......
I'm obsessed with chalkboard paint. I painted the frame first with a cream color and then added little stain to it to give it some "aging". Then I just painted over the glass with chalkboard paint. I see more chalkboards in my future!!God is good, have a great May!!

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