Sunday, April 12, 2009


I know we're half way through April, but give a mom a break!

These are my "loves" about March:
1. Retreat with my FBC ladies at a beautiful ranch - ah peacefulness!

2. 16 Years with my man and he still makes my heart skip a beat, he still brings me peanut

M&M's when he senses I've had a bad day.

3. Spring Break - no getaway, oh but how I loved staying home and painting my bedroom,

bathroom and kitchen - heaven! Can you tell I'm a messy painter??

4. Listening to my boys pray - Oh How I love my men!

5. My man taking the boys fishing several times even when I'm sure he would have loved some time to himself.......he takes them every time he goes and never complains.

6. And......

My nephew's sweet!

April has a lot of loves too, which I'll post at the end of the month, but for now, I'll post something I put together on Friday. We were having some friends over after the Good Friday service at our church and I wanted something to put on the table besides bunnies. (Eventhough I love my bunnies!)

So I downloaded this image off the internet, put a flower on it and framed it. He is Risen!!

Have a blessed week!