Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Football Frenzy

My husband scored some tickets this past weekend to the Kansas Chiefs game - they were playing the Raiders, who happen to be my husbands favorite team so him and the boys went to their first NFL game. Growing up in Denver we had season tickets to the Broncos games so I was interested in going unless the Orange Crush was making an appearance!! This was Darren McFadden's game winning touchdown - shout out to the HOGS! Nice head in the picture. orange....not for me......

My men.

Wearing risky attire in Chiefs territory....

Lots of memories for the boys with their daddy! Even though it was the 4th football game they had either watched or played in during a 4 day period!!

Babies R Us.....

Oh I love babies! One of my closest friends had a baby this year and it was the perfect opportunity for do I say it............."older gals" to give a baby shower! I've been out of pocket for a while! Anyway, it was a rainy Tuesday night, we had all ready postponed it once because baby Berkley came WAY I was a little worried about the turnout. It was such a great evening! Tons of people came and I know that every one of them had prayed for Baby Berkley's health and well being after arriving so early, so it was exciting for my friend to see all the support and prayers that have been coming her way! God is Good!!

The Decor:
We went with the colors of her room which are zebra print with hot pink - so fun for a girl with all boys!! This is a banner I made with her name.

See the lamp I found at Hobby Lobby - $7.00 - oh yeah! I couldn't find pink gumballs around here so I ordered some off of ebay!!

My friend and fellow hostess made this adorable bouquet full of onesies, booties, and goodies that she turned into roses - so clever!We asked everyone to take a note card and write a few words to Berkley that could go in her scrapbook.We kept the food to the good stuff - sugar! Cake, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels and two types of punches - Yummy!The guest of honor with her mama, grandma, and sister!
The Hostesses - so fun!

My BFF's!Look at all of the girl stuff!