Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Project 365

I mentioned a few posts earlier about a project I started this year. You take a picture a day and journal just a few lines to go with the picture. It basically gives you a glimpse at your life for a year and helps you keep track of things you may not normally scrapbook about. So far, I've done pretty good and the boys actually are the ones helping me stay on top of it. Here's a few pix.

Here's an example of one day of the journaling I did in January:


Long Story Short:

1. Hunt plays basketball in driveway

2. Puts his phone on the back of the Honda

3. Mama drives the Honda to town.

4. Hunt calls mama looking for the phone.

5. Mama gets mad.

6. Daddy drives around all night looking for phone.

7. Twins see phone next morning on the side of the road on way to school.

8. Phone is alive.

9. Hunt is alive.

This is probably the longest journaling I've done on any one day. Some days it's about the weather, some days it's about what we had for dinner. Just every day stuff!

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  1. O.k. This story could have been taken out of the Seay life...LOL...Love it....:) :) Except Brent would be out of town when this happened...