Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There's a change a comin......

I'm not good with change, and......I know that's not good. I took this picture of my oldest son the last day he wore his junior high football uniform. I'm also VERY sentimental - did I mention that? I snapped it when he was walking away, and then when I went back through the pictures I took that day, this one stood out.....there's a change a coming! His first day of high school is quickly approaching.......oh my.........my stomach is churning..........seriously, wasn't I just scooping him up in my arms and kissing his sweet little feet just a moment ago? No more kissing of those feet......but how I love him and am proud of the young man he is becoming............God is the only one who can ease my fear of change, and with that, change can be exciting and not scary...God is good!


  1. Change is always hard, but we have to remember that God "lent" our children to us. They are not ours (even tho we know that they are), they are His. He blessed us by allowing us to raise these children for him. As for them growing up, I can totally relate. Do you know how hard it was to let Conner (gulp!) DRIVE off 2 months ago on her own to school. I still pray every day that she gets there safely. Our kids are strong - but they make us stronger. Love ya!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! HIGH SCHOOL!!!! He is so grown up! Miss you guys tons!!!